The fun begins at the press of a button. The lights flash, guests pose and the photos are printed out long before the laughing ends making your event one to remember. The ATL PhotoBooth is a new look on an old concept giving you and your guests long lasting memories and a long night of fun and laughter.

As our PhotoBooth is digital, we will provide you with copies of the photographs on a disc as well as online galleries or prints if you require them. I have a range of options to suit all budgets and if there is something different you would like then let me know.

Q. So what exactly is a PhotoBooth?
Hmm, good question. It varies from a small passport type booth up to an open kiosk type of setup where your guests have fun while their pic is taken by a fun filled machine. Props, prints, scrapbook albums etc. can also be included if required and the booth prints out a photograph a few seconds after its taken.

Q. So is it actually a sit down booth?
I have two booths available to hire, both the normal “Closed” passport type of machine which you can see across/below and the more modern “Open” booth which is pretty much identical but it doesn’t have any side walls. You can stand or sit in it but most people tend to jump around.

Q. OK, so what does an Open Booth look like?
It’s the closed booth but without the walls at the side and as a result you can fit more people into the OPEN booth than the CLOSED PhotoBooth. It also fits into smaller spaces if required.

Q. How big is the PhotoBooth…..??
The Closed PhotoBooth is approx. 2m wide, 3m long, and 2m tall. The Open PhotoBooth can be any size as it’s not governed by walls but generally 2m wide, 3m long is plenty but it can be made smaller or larger if requested.

wedding photographer dublin kildare meath

wedding photographer dublin kildare meath
Q. What colour is the booth background?
Both booths have the world famous ATL background as standard. If you would like something different or would like to brand either or both the background and/or the booth itself then let me know.

Q. How many people can it fit at one time?
The Open PhotoBooth can fit 1 to approx 12 people or more while the traditional Closed PhotoBooth can fit from 1 to about 6 people or more. The picture quality is identical and professional photographic quality in both due to professional DSLR cameras and studio lighting being used.

Q. What do the photo strips look like?
Our booths print onto photographic paper and the strip design can be custom designed to include logos, colours, backgrounds, text and overlays. Contact us if you would have an idea in mind and we can do up a sample print for you to proof.

Q. What is the quality of the photo strips?
We use commercial grade dye-sublimation printers and only the best paper which means that our prints are of the highest quality. Photos take less than 10 seconds to print and are dry to touch as soon as you leave the booth. They are also matte laminated to make them ultra tough and to prevent “accidental” damage.

Q. Where do you operate?
We will set-up the photobooth anywhere that is accessible by car! We serve every county in Ireland (and beyond if required!) and we provide free delivery in most areas.

Q. This sounds awesome, surely this must cost millions of euros?
Nope, you can find all the PhotoBooth packages we have on my PhotoBooth Packages page. We have also teamed up with our colleagues at ATL Photography and ATL Videography to create a very special offer and for full details check out our offer page…… Wow, how cool is that!!